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September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Author : John M. Hobson
Published by : The Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, 2000
Page : 261

Contents :
1. What’s at stake in the second state debate ? concept and issues

(Part 1) Traditional theories of the state and the international relations

2. Realism
3. Liberalism

(Part 2) Recent sociological theories of the state and international relations

4. Marxism
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War, Peace and International Relations : An Introduction to Strategic History

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Author : Colin S. Gray
Published by :Routledge, 2007
Page : 321

Contents :

List of maps
List of boxes and tables
Introduction: strategic history

1. Themes and contexts of strategic history
– Introduction: a binding framework
– Themes
– Contexts
– Conclusion
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International Law and International Relations

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

International Law and International RelationsEdited by : BETH A. SIMMONS and RICHARD H. STEINBERG
Published by : Cambridge University Press, 2006

Content :
part i. international regimes theory:does law matter?
1 Structural Causes and Regime Consequences: Regimes as Intervening Variables (1982)
by : Stephen D. Krasner
2 The Demand for International Regimes (1982)
by : Robert O. Keohane

part ii. commitment and compliance
3 Democratic States and Commitment in International Relations (1996)
by : Kurt Taylor Gaubatz
4 On Compliance (1993)
by : Abram Chayes and Antonia Handler Chayes
5 Is the Good News About Compliance Good News About Cooperation? (1996)
by : George W. Downs, David M. Rocke, and Peter N. Barsoom

part iii. legalization and its limits
6 The Concept of Legalization (2000)
by : Kenneth W. Abbot, Robert O. Keohane, Andrew Moravcsik, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Duncan Snidal
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